Dear Bell Inn Guests, Family and Friends,
For many reasons, we have had to make one of the toughest choices of our entire lives.  We have determined that we have no choice but to close down the restaurant. 
We are devastated and it was the last thing we thought would have to happen.  
Too many disasters, too many problems, too many things broken and too many obstacles were thrown our way. Much more than two people could handle in business and in life.  We fought on as long as we possible could and we never gave up. We know we did our very best and it just was not meant to be. No regrets!
We would like to first thank The town of dorchester and its many amazing residents! We have come to know an amazing community of people who helped fight for us and supported us during our toughest times. For that we are eternally grateful and this we will never forget!
We would like to thank our loyal guests who came in time and time again to support us and enjoy our food, for that is why we kept fighting so long! 
A special thanks to those who fought along with us through all the crazyness! 
Those who helped support me when Andrew was in a cast for four months with a broken arm, and those who are supporting Andrew now, while i am currently in the hospital fighting crohn's disease!
A huge special thank you to Jeff Craig--my brother- who left his life in Toronto to help with the restaurant and help make our dreams come true. Thank you for everything jeff! for your tireless effort through your own injuries and for working many hours with no pay. You did and are still doing an amazing job! We love you and we will never forget what you have done for us and are still doing!
Kathy McCabe- where do i start?  You are an angel that was sent to us! We would not have made it this far without you! You have supported us through the crazyness, good times and bad and you worked hard through it all.  We will never forget your loyalty, compassion, and your dedication to us, and the restaurant. Life long family for sure! We cannot thank you enough for everything. We do wish things had worked out differently! For that we are so sorry. 
Charlie, you are like a brother- you are our brother! We are so very proud to have had you as part of our family! We are so proud that you are going to the C.I.C. like we did. We know you will do amazing!  We are so blessed to have run into you that night and everything worked out just right for you!  You have come so very far in such a short time!  Your work ethic and dedication is above and beyond.  you are going to be an amazing chef and we are so proud and honored that we helped get you back to where you want to be.  You so deserve this, you have worked so hard.  We couldn't have done this without your help these past two seasons!  your loyalty is amazing and please remeber that everything happens for a reason! You are going to do amazing in school and please know that we are here for you now and always! Thank you for everything!
Charlie, Jeff and Kathy- thank you both from the bottoms of our hearts. You were there with us for the daily grind, from the beginning and right up until the bitter end-  The five of us have been through something that nobody else could possibly understand! This alone will bond us for life! 
Last but certainly not least, our parents.  For believing in us! For helping and supporting us through the good times and bad, for encouraging us to keep on fighting no matter how many devastating events took place. Thank you for your endless work, energy, advice and time.  Thank you for helping us through the toughest days/years of our lives! We will be forever grateful! And we will never forget the sacrifices that you all had to make as well. While we do wish things had turned out differently, we did all that we could do and more. Without our parents we would not have gotten to have this opportunity in the first place.  Thank you to ALL of our family members  for believing in us when we were not even sure of ourselves.
thank you to everyone involved and again;


just part of life's journey and God's path for us. We will keep on fighting on to wherever life's journey takes us next!
~Andrew & Sara